How To Dominate Your First Fight

How To Dominate Your First Fight

Be Aggressive

Make your competitor KNOW they will be hit- drill that into their mind and make them wither in fear as they desperately try to protect themselves.

As the saying goes:
Inexperienced fighters don’t start throwing until their opponents throw first.
Experienced fighters don’t stop throwing until their opponents throw back.

This single tip alone can change the projection of a fight. Don’t be worried about punching power, focus on volume and make your opponent believe you are going to hurt him.

Instead of finding one big shot to finish it fast, overwhelm your opponent with a barrage of attacks to disrupt their thoughts and force them into deeper waters. When they begin to wither or fade, capitalize and hunt them down. Should they attempt to counterattack, punish them for trying with even more attacks. This aggression makes your opponent worry about surviving and getting breathing room more than trying to knock you out.

Don’t be reckless, be precise. Don’t exert your energy on hitting an opponent hiding behind their guard. Seek out the weak spots and exploit them for maximum damage.

You might not be this competitive, but need to act the part.

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